Modified Tapioca Starch For Mozzarella Cheese Analogue

Modified Tapioca Starch 0EGGFLO For Mozzarella Cheese Analogue

Modified tapioca starch is a key ingredient in replicating the stretchiness and meltability of Analogue mozzarella cheese. This starch not only contributes to a creamy and satisfying mouthfeel, making the mozzarella cheese analogue visually convincing and delightful to the palate, but it also being a natural and allergen-free ingredient. Moreover, this food additives has the following outstanding fuctions:

  • Reduce syneresis
  • Provide the gelling properties
  • Improve gel stability
  • Increase in swelling capacity, paste viscosity
  • Decrease gelatinization temperature
  • Texturizing agents in many food-systems
  • Provide the emulsion-stabilizing properties
  • Emulsion stabilizers in the molecular form Emulsion stabilizers in the molecular form.

In this article, we will explore the benefits and applications of Modified Tapioca Starch 0EGGFLO For Mozzarella Cheese Analogue.

1. Modified Tapioca Starch 0EGGFLO For Mozzarella Cheese Analogue

Modified Tapioca Starch (0EGGFLO) is a remarkable food additive specifically designed for enhancing the properties of Mozzarella Cheese Analogues. This innovative ingredient offers several outstanding features that contribute to the improvement of the overall quality of the cheese alternative.

  • Replacement of Rennet Casein:

Modified Tapioca Starch serves as an effective substitute for Rennet Casein, a common ingredient in Analoguecheese-making. This substitution not only caters to dietary preferences but also addresses concerns related to the use of animal-derived components.

  • Increased Moisture Content and Water-Holding Capacity:

One of the notable advantages of incorporating 0EGGFLO is its ability to elevate the moisture content of the Mozzarella Cheese Analogue. This results in a cheese product with enhanced succulence and improved water-holding capacity, contributing to a juicier and more appealing texture.

  • Improved Melt Quality:

The modified tapioca starch plays a pivotal role in improving the melt quality of the cheese analogue. This enhancement ensures a smoother and creamier texture when the product is subjected to heat, making it an ideal choice for various culinary applications such as pizza, pasta, and sandwiches.

  • Stability During Refrigerated Storage:

An essential characteristic of 0EGGFLO is its stability during refrigerated storage. This means that the Mozzarella Cheese Analogue maintains its quality and integrity over time, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable product for consumers even after extended periods of storage.

2. How is 0EGGFLO modified starch used in the production of Mozzarella Cheese Analogue?

2.How is 0EGGFLO modified starch used in the production of Mozzarella Cheese Analogue?
How is 0EGGFLO modified starch used in the production of Mozzarella Cheese Analogue?

2.1 Usage Recommendation for 0EGGFLO Modified Tapioca Starch in Mozzarella Cheese Analogue:

Incorporating 0EGGFLO modified tapioca starch into your Mozzarella Cheese Analogue can significantly enhance its texture and functionality. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use 3.0 – 7.0% of the total recipe.

2.2 The process of making mozzarella cheese analogue from 0EGGFLO:

Use a glass rod to stir the mixture:
– Pre-Mix 1: Rennet Casein + 0EGGFLO Starch + Salt + Maltodextrin.
– Pre-Mix 2: Water + Trisodium citrate + Disodium phosphate.
– Pre-Mix 3: Water + Citric Acid.

Transfer to buchi heating bath : Add Mozzarella Curd + Pre-Mix 2 + Pre-Mix 1 + Add oil + Add Pre-Mix 3 (each replenishment × 2 min × 350 rpm × 25℃ – 30℃) and Heating (82℃ – 85℃) × 10 min × 300 rpm.

Put the cheese mixture in the mold and immediately put in the refrigerator at (5~7℃) ×16 hours, remove the cheese from the mold and storage at 18℃.

By following these usage recommendations and fine-tuning the starch percentage based on your specific preferences and production requirements, you can enhance the overall quality and appeal of your Mozzarella Cheese Analogue.

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